Welcome to the NLP service!!!

This page dedicated to inform NLP (Nomor Lembar Peta) of BIG (national mapping agency of Indonesia).
You can retrieve NLP number (op=ll2nlp) from coordinates pair (lat, lon).
Or, you can get boundary of NLP (op=nlp2ll) by stating the NLP desired.
Please send a request in a KVP format as the examples below.


lat lon to NLP request:
--> returns 1310-121

NLP to lat lon request:
--> returns coordinate [L0,B0,L1,B1], where (L0,B0) = Lower-left and (L1,B1) = Upper-right coordinates of the NLP boundary

Optional parameter: add "&format=geojson" in the end of request to return the result in GeoJSON polygon feature

a glimpse of NLP to get sense of ll2nlp function can be seen here

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